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Hey there! I'm Verena Lake, a passionate email list manager and copywriter. And I help other passionate entrepreneurs sell their products and services with storytelling email marketing so they supercharge their emails sales while deeply connecting with their customers

The Ultimate Storytelling Email Marketer 


When one of my colleagues asked me to be her email & admin VA in 2020...

I never imagined it would have led me on this exhilarating path of self-discovery and entrepreneurship.

When she saw how well my emails resonated with her audience, she pushed me to offer it as full-time service. But the thing is, I never considered myself to be a copywriter even if I was naturally talented at writing...

So I didn’t immediately act on her advice and continued to seek business coaching in hopes of finding the right path for me.... 

The Seeds of Success

Now if you remember, during the pandemic email scams were at an all-time high and I was getting tons of them. On top of that, regular brands would email me out of the blue (after ghosting me for weeks, sometimes months) just to hustle me for an order.

Like hello!?! I even forgot you existed, we’re in the middle of a freaking pandemic and the first time you’re talking to me in forever, you’re sending a sales email?? Ugh 🙄. It was and still is a huge turn-off when I see companies only sending spammy sales emails instead of trying to build a relationship with their customers.

And after a year of being in the group coaching program with other aspiring entrepreneurs, I realized there are a lot of well-meaning people, but they don't know how to effectively communicate their value, and most don't like writing so result to sending those same mind-numbing ‘shop now’ emails to try to make money.

That’s why I finally decided to act upon my colleague’s advice and help customer-centric, passionate entrepreneurs build deep connections with their audience through powerful emails. I wanted to help those well-meaning entrepreneurs succeed because unlike the scammers & money-hungry brands, they cared about the people they served... 

The Empathy Pandemic

Today I offer premium email copywriting and list management services to help connection-loving, passionate entrepreneurs fix their low email performance and position themselves as an authority in their niche, & build an impactful business with irrational loyal customers without feeling overwhelmed doing it alone

I am on a mission to eradicate money-hungry, spammy marketing and make business communication more lighthearted, value-based and connection-focused by offering superior email services and education rooted in storytelling, relationships, and value so that people feel appreciated and customer-centric brands become more profitable

They were wrong… 
There is Emotion in Business
"Your customers deserve more than just a product... They deserve a community that makes them feel seen and heard."

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