NEW Podcast Feature -Why I became an email marketer

Does email marketing really still work?

Short answer? Hell YES!

The thing is you've been struggling to piece a marketing strategy together by binging youtube vids. You maybe even bought an email marketing course, but that flopped because it still required you to do the one thing you don't like - WRITE THE EMAILS YOURSELF 😢. Which means adding more work to your already full plate...

The templates that came with the course were cute... But still didn't help because you had to sacrifice time to brainstorm and fill in the blanks yourself. Even worse...

The language in the templates didn't sound like you or reflect your unique brand at all! And they still didn't yield great results because what works for one audience, market or niche, doesn't always work for another

So if doing it yourself, email courses and templates didn't work - how do you make more money with emails?

Here's The Fix



Email list building to add qualified leads to your customer base

Segmentation for targeted campaigns to supercharge sales

Perpetual license for all copy so that you maximize your ROI. Repurpose emails as website copy, social media captions, and more.

Light, aesthetic graphics to stand out in your customer's inbox, get more sales, and strengthen your brand identity.

Email scheduling so you don't have to sacrifice time to send emails

Powerful monthly email analysis to ensure your emails are converting to cash. 

Up to 13 custom emails per month to consistently nurture your audience.

Biweekly strategy calls (30 mins) to provide clarity on how to reach your email goals

Your audience won't shop with you if they don't trust you! This is the only email service you need to deeply connect with your audience while skyrocketing your emails sales. No more worrying about not having enough time to consistently email your audience. And here's the best part...

This services also doubles as a 'Launch Accelerator'. Let me explain...

Launching a new course or product and want it to sell out? I create high converting sequences to ignite your customers' desires and get them to exchange their hard-earned money with you. 

Includes waitlist emails, launch emails, and post-purchase emails to nurture your list as every step in the customer journey.

The engagement to payment Package

Not ready to hire a full-time email marketer?
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hear from more happy clients


"One of my best hires this year... It's such a weight off my back to know I can be the face of my business and do what I truly enjoy"


"There's actually zero complaints that I have about the service... Her wording was perfect. The emails exceeded my expectations"


"I highly recommend her services. She has great communication, works very quickly & her emails are amazing!"

My Clients Absolutely Love My Work

Oh so good reviews

My Clients Absolutely Love My Work


Charlene Mccraney
Seo strategist

"I highly recommend her services. She has great communication, works very quickly & her emails are amazing!!"

owner of Purbella naturals

"There's actually zero complaints that I have about the service... Her wording was perfect. The emails exceeded my expectations"

Saba ferdinand
Founder, the in demand va

"One of my best hires this year... It's such a weight off my back to know I can be the face of my business and do what I truly enjoy"


Four (4) expertly crafted, custom emails of your choice to consistently nurture your list

All emails will be scheduled for you so that you save time & can focus on the tasks that excite you in your business.

Personalized email strategy guide to give the next steps so that you stay consistent with your email marketing and boost your sales & engagement

Not ready to hire a full-time copywriter? Okay with writing your own emails, but need a guide to create salesworthy copy?

This one-time service is perfect for short, powerful sequences & customized email templates for your business to get the consistency boost you need.

The consistent connection package

These services ARE for you if...

These services are NOT for you if...

You're a compassionate entrepreneur who wants to build a thriving community to spread your impact & form deep connections with your clients. 

You have a deep desire to quickly scale your brand and supercharge your revenue from consistent sales

You don't enjoy writing emails so you're inconsistent & frustrated from not effectively selling  your products/ services. You only want to do on what excites you in your business. 

You put a lot of effort into your offers but struggle to fully articulate its value, so your email sales and open/ click rates are low.

You're tired of being burnt out from doing everything in your business and crave freedom to explore the world & have quality with loved ones. 

You're looking for a get-rich-quick or overnight success and you don't care how your customers are impacted by your brand or products

You don't currently have a website or email list.

You have super tight deadlines that will kill the creative process

You have no idea who your ideal client is. And you lack a deep understanding of your brand identity and product/ services. 

You're looking for cheap work and aren't willing to invest in your business or customers.

You only want to send sales emails and don't care about building a relationship with your customers or giving them value.

Here's how we'll work together from start to finish

What's Next?


Choose the package you believe best suits your needs. Then full out the new client application in its entirety. Ensure your responses are complete & clear, because the more I know, the better I can serve you.

Submit your application

Step One

You'll receive an email within 1 hour of sending your application that will give you the link to book your call for us to get to know each other & see if we're a good fit.

Book your discovery call

Step Two

If we mutually decide we're a match made in heaven... I'll send you a proposal to make it official.

Sign contract & pay invoice

Step Three

You'll get a welcome packet with all the important info you need. Next, we schedule your onboarding call to gather crucial details about your ideal customer, offer, and brand voice. Then I craft your unique emails.

The fun begins

Step Four

If you can't see the 'SEND' button or all the questions, use the grey scroll bar on the right side of form.

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Frequently asked questions

While I don't offer a free trial period, what I can do for you is send a portfolio of my past work so that you can see if my email marketing style suits your brand.

Do you offer free trials?

Aweber and Mailchimp are the two email platforms I have the most experience with. I also use Klaviyo and Active Campaign.

No need to worry if you don't use those platforms because I'd be happy to use the systems you already love.

What email platforms do you use?

Great question! Each business owner's list is entirely different and your results will vary based on the initial health of your email list - past engagement and conversions.

There is no cookie-cutter standard for how long it will take to see results. However, some of my clients have gotten results within 30 - 60 days. In addition, it is essential to define what “results” mean for you. Email marketing is a long-term marketing strategy and should be approached as such. No guarantees can be made.

How long does it take to see results?

Email marketing is a long term marketing strategy that requires CONSISTENCY in order to truly see results. You want consistent sales so consistent emails are needed. Also, from experience I've learned that 1 month in insufficient to fully learn your brand, your customers, and how your business operates. 

Why is the minimum contract length 2 months?

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