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Client Love

Charlene hired me to write launch emails for her new SEO masterclass. She did $5000+ 🎉.
While there were other contributing factors to her success, email played a vital role.

I revamped Saba's waitlist and sales emails for her signature IDVA course. She did over $8,226 in one launch 🎉.
The emails were one of the many factors for that successful launch.

Before hiring me, Kayla didn't email her list in 3 months. After two short months of working together her email click rates increased from 1.38% to 3.46%. That's a 151% percentage increase (not the same as the difference in rates). After 8 months her average open rates jumped from 46.64% to 61.78%.
I also wrote launch emails for her new Prolific Photographer Program and she made $31,000 🥳.
Please note there were many factors for that successful launch, email played one major role.

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